Excerpt from book #2 of The Device series: “Out of Control”


They rounded the corner and approached the eerily lit scene.  Kate shivered, not from the cold air but the cold evil that lingered there.  They pulled next to one of the squad cars, their high beams rippled through the dense tree that backed the small open field. Several officers were still examining the area, looking for evidence or anything that might reveal the identity of the killer.  The coroner had just finished taking pictures and was putting his equipment away.  The stillness even amidst the routine was unnaturally bleak.
After they exited the car, Kate walked over to the children’s bodies on the ground, still in position though a white sheet was draped over them like a shroud, out of respect.  Or perhaps the cold hard fact that for those living, standing in the presence of such heinous disregard for human life, could not stomach the sight.

Several flood lights illuminated the area, causing shivering shadows from the dark trees.  Terrified witnesses of the crime, but unable to speak, they stood like cold and foreboding canopies pressing heavily over the living, suffocating the air from them.  Kate knelt beside one of the bodies and reached with hesitance toward the tiny cold hand beneath the sheet.
“Hey, step away from there!” Officer Roy Hobson approached from behind.
Simon quickly stepped in front of him.  “It’s my wife.  It’s okay.”  Roy raised his brow. He looked around Simon and down at Kate.
Nausea engulfed her as she witnessed through her touch the child’s last moments.
“Does she know the boy?” Roy whispered, surely seeing her swoon.
Simon didn’t answer him but squatted down beside Kate and touched her arm.  She pulled her hand away from the child, then stood.
When their eyes met, Kate sent the image of what she had seen from the child to Simon.  He now knew what the perpetrator looked like and where the man was, right at the moment.  Turning to his fellow officer Simon signaled to him, “Follow me.  I think I know where the man is.”  “How the hell–” Roy started, but Simon and Kate were already walking to their car, he quickly did the same, following them as they sped away.


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