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L. A. Cole was born in Minnesota, the youngest of 9 children. Using her gift of storytelling to escape the realities of a poor and challenging life she found there was an audience who enjoyed the adventures developed in her mind.

Attending college she graduated with a degree in illustration from Brigham Young University. The raising of a family of five would take precedence over the development of her illustration career. The creative forces at work in her mind spawned in those early days of her life were not to be denied, however. These forces manifested themselves through writing.

Lori has been blessed with an incessant flow of inspiration that she must work hard to keep up with , resulting in the writing of a number of novels in both science fiction and drama genres. She now lives in California with her husband and five children. Being a teacher and raising a family has added even more depth and character to the works she has done. Whatever the setting, her novels always promote courage and faith in the face of danger or challenge – fruits of a life wrought out of perseverance through adversity.

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